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Unforsted Wedding Cakes - Best Catering Miami
Miami Embraces the Latest Trend for Weddings… Naked Wedding Cakes

How about getting naked on your wedding day? No, I’m not talking about a dress that shows a lot of skin… I’m talking about embracing the latest trend in wedding cakes! Naked wedding cakes just might be the next big thing! Un-frosted wedding cakes are a quickly-growing wedding fashion trend, and we love the look of these bare baked goods. It’s great for a summer wedding or better yet for our Miami weather where the heat and the humidity will melt a butter cream or fondant masterpiece before an actual ceremony begins.

Why are Naked Wedding Cakes the Latest Wedding Trend

Top Pastry Chef Anabella Pru from Miami Beach, Florida embraces and creates naked weddings cakes that are elegant, organic, and beautiful, catering premier events and luxury couture weddings year-round to select clientele who expect nothing but the very best. We promise you that on naked wedding cakes you won’t miss the frosting; because by placing the frosting between the tiers means you’ll get some sweetness, but naked wedding cakes won’t be overwhelmingly sweet, yet these wedding cakes will maintain their moistness and freshness. This is why naked wedding cakes are the latest trend.

What makes a Naked Wedding Cake different?

The naked wedding cake is the perfect, elegant and lighter solution for our Miami weather. Whether you want a 7 tier luxurious cake or a simple two tier elegant creation, Pastry Chef Anabella Pru ® Caters to your every wish. Anabella delights your taste buds using a fusion of modern and classic flavors and the exotic quality ingredients like Belgium chocolate and fresh tropical fruits. What makes a naked wedding cake different is the fact that the outer sides of the cake are unfrosted. In a naked wedding cake no fondant or butter cream is used to cover the outside leaving the layers of the cake exposed giving it an organic yet refined look.

How do you make a Naked Wedding Cake?

Bakers these days are holding back frosting from wedding cakes for an exposed look that is popular with couples looking for a traditional wedding cake alternative. But is this frosting-free look right for you? These 14 naked cakes will surely convince you.

Is a Naked Cake Elegant for a Wedding?

Don’t worry, your cake wont be under dressed for the party! A properly designed and executed naked wedding cake can be an inspirational masterpiece. Top Pastry Chef Anabella is renowned for Miami’s best wedding cakes and her latest naked wedding cake creations have been a hit within the high echelon social circles and couture wedding circuit. With the addition of fresh fruit and beautiful blooms, these cakes are actually quite celebratory! Sometimes less really is more.

Examples of different Naked Wedding Cakes

Brides will be delighted at the enormous variety of naked wedding cake designs. There are so many styles for unfrosted wedding cakes from custom to organic to gluten free and even dairy free. Golden lady apples, painted with edible gold luster dust. Vanilla-bean spiced apple cake, filled with caramel butter cream, and drizzled with luscious caramel. Naked cakes with cookies on the outside. A lemon icebox cake, with its layers of scalloped lemon cookies and honey mascarpone cream. Even a tall tiered treat made with thin crepes. Mouthwatering fillings could include chestnut, espresso, chocolate, or vanilla cream. Coconut pound cake, tinted with gel-paste food coloring, served as the foundation, while white fondant and passion-fruit curd rested on top. Sorbets in mango, passion fruit, lychee nut, and coconut paired with strawberry sugar wafers to reflect the look of cakes.

Wedding Cakes by Style
Unique wedding cakes are served in a variety of styles not just naked. Other styles include butter cream covered and fondant covered.