“An out of the ordinary gastronomic experience that left my guest mesmerized, wishing for more, and in social circles our party was talked about as a once in a lifetime unforgettable experience.”…Victoria B.
“South Beach 33139’s Dessert Culture is as sophisticated as it gets. This was tops.”… Gustaf B.
  • Pairing Fine Desserts and Premium Liquors
  • Food Scientist
  • New Ingredients
  • Booked this experience months in advance.
  • Unique detail to every course
  • Presented at your table by Top Pastry Chef Anabella Pru
  • Experience the flavors
  • A great attraction for a group celebration.


“Words cannot described the Amazing and Brilliant gourmet presentation.” … Norman B.
“We booked this experience months in advance to insure our out of town guest could  attend our celebration. Anabella Pru simply exceeded all my expectations.”… Jennifer L.
“Top Pastry Chef Anabella Pru catered the whole event at our residence. From the moment she walked in you could see the quality. No expense was spared and the beauty and elegance of her desserts tables showcased as a centerpiece of our wonderful celebration.”… Miguel P.
“As for the gourmet desserts,  I took the Anabella’s recommendation on the 7 course tasting menu which she designed specifically for me based on my answers to her survey. Even so everything is a surprise.”… Maria Lucia Q.
“I had no idea what to expect. Every dish was above and beyond great. Lots of twists and turns on modern flavors and high quality ingredients. Our favorites were probably the Tiramisu and the Bread Pudding. Nothing was boring and with Anabella’s  recipe innovation you truly are left in awe at how the textures and flavors feel on your palate.
“The service was amazing. The presentation was impeccable. It was beyond 5 star, but not fru fru and over the top. It was elegant, refined, but with more of a feel of relaxed fine dining.”… Mary Elizabeth C.
“Overall this is one dining experience that was worth every penny. A truly spectacular show. Truthfully we would have not had an issue if it had been more expensive.”… Georgina A.

“Made perfect to ensure elegance, flair, and an unforgettable experience.”… ANABELLA PRU®