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Anabella Pru - Miami's Premier Designer, Chef, and Purveyor of Unique Culinary Creations for Clientele that expect only the very best.

Artistic Direction

Her creativity, imagination, finesse and couture cakery skills guarantee elegant patterns, impressions and unique pieces of edible art. And if piping is the true test of a Master Pâtissière, then Anabella’s intricate filigree wedding cake is delicate, precise, and worthy of royal consideration.


Anabella’s methods are exciting and timely, and her innovative creations use exotic ingredients, liqueurs, herbs, scents, spirits, botanicals, spices, and the right combination of secret elements, to ensure fragrance, complexity, and intensify the culinary experience, allowing flavors to tickle the senses and permeate the palette.

Culinary Physics

Through relentless experimentation, pairing, culinary collaboration, blending, and techniques of molecular gastronomy (vacuum chambers, carbonation, infusion, emulsification, foaming, textures, etc.), Anabella reduces, enhances, and transforms the complexity of sensory nodes and taste. Her inspiration is always to achieve flavor perfection.

Coupling Food & Beverage

Anabella’s understanding of cooking and her grasp of the chemistry of food and wine pairing gives her an ability to understand and harness the volatility of certain aromatic compounds. She then builds a harmonic bridge between dessert and liqueur so that they both complement and best express each other.


Team Building never tasted so good. Through the use of food preparation your staff will experience their potentials and understand themselves better collectively as a team. Anabella’s Team Building Programs are delicious, educational, fun, and are suitable for any event.